Lot of 3 NEW Sealed APB Reloaded PC-DVD Game Retail MMO Shooter + $150 In Game


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Lot of 3 Brand NEW Sealed APB Reloaded PC-DVD Game Retail MMO Shooter + $150 In Game Extras in Each Box


Name-APB Reloaded
ESRB Rating-M – Mature

Features APB Reloaded immerses you in a massive online city where glory, guts and grit reign supreme. Pick up arms on the side of the law as an Enforcer – or loot and shoot your way to notoriety as a Criminal. Whichever role you choose, you have the power to craft the ultimate persona by choosing unique looks, clothing and vehicles from an advanced character studio or designing your own car, clothing and music. Will you go down in history as a famous hero or an infamous villain?FeaturesDescend into the gritty, seedy urban crime scene in a fast-paced, massively multiplayer shooter

Take a walk on the wild side as a Criminal motivated by destruction and greed, or fight for justice as a righteous Enforcer

Patrol the streets as the Enforcer, and use raids and arrests to force delinquents to pay for their misdeeds

Join a clan and rise in the ranks of prestige or notoriety

Customize your new persona with unique looks, clothing and vehicles from the highly developed character studio, and design your own tattoos to express your style

Blend different music styles, including rap, rock and electronica to create your own sick beats, then share or sell your tracks to other players online

Explore a vast MMO world, where you can interact with players around the globe

Wreak havoc across the city by mugging pedestrians, knocking over stores, stealing cars and tagging walls in the role of the Criminal


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