Cisco DT-24+ 74-1095-01 Digital IP Telephony Gateway Adapter Dual RJ-45 PCI Card


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Cisco DT-24+ 74-1095-01 Digital IP Telephony Gateway Dual RJ-45 PCI 10Base-T Ethernet Network Card

A single PCI-based card (PCI bus for power only) with the following components on board:
• Integrated digital signal processors (DSPs)
• T1 (RJ-48C female) interface
• 10Base-T Ethernet network interface (RJ-45 female)
• Control processor with communications software to connect to the Cisco CallManager (required) over TCP/IP/Ethernet link
• Remote boot procedure with DHCP (for IP address) and TFTP software download (downloadable and upgradable)
– T1 PRI ISDN Layer 3 protocols, including National ISDN-2 (NI-2), 5 Electronic Switching System (5ESS), 5ESS custom, DMS100, DMS250, and other protocol support
– Both user-side and network-side ISDN signaling support to emulate either terminal equipment or switching equipment, respectively
– Supports Skinny Gateway protocol communications with Cisco CallManager to provide supplementary services (hold, transfer, etc.) under control of IP telephone clients

Simple PCI bus installation
• Installs in any PCI bus-based PC. The card only draws power, so no drivers or software need to be installed
• Does not interfere with the performance or operation of the host PC
• Can be mounted in the Cisco CallManager PC or any other convenient PC
• For high-density applications, simply install more cards in the same PC up to the max number of slots

PRI ISDN (T1 rate) trunk interface through female RJ-48C interface
• Both user-side and network-side Q.931 signaling (software selectable)
• Support for National ISDN-II (NI-2), DMS, and 5ESS variants

Adds convenient call features to the IP telephony system
• Caller ID (name and number, inbound and outbound)
• Direct inward dialing
• Supplementary services for outside calls (hold, transfer, forward, conference) under control of the Cisco CallManager
• Per port management and backhaul of the signaling channel to the Cisco CallManager for complete control
• Follows Cisco CallManager failover scenario—when Cisco CallManager switches to backup, the card registers with the new Cisco CallManager

Standard management features
• Completely manageable from the browser-based Cisco CallManager
• Ethernet device status LEDs (Ethernet link, Ethernet transmit/receive)
• Trunk status LEDs

Network/application aware
• H.323 compatible when used with Cisco CallManager
• DHCP client—for IP address acquisition
• Locates Cisco CallManager via DHCP or DNS
• Automatic TFTP software and configuration download upon boot up if necessary
• Automatic registration with Cisco CallManager

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