Genuine HP Compaq Pavilion 250W ATX Power Supply 5188-2622 Lite-On PS-5251-08 H


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Genuine HP Compaq Pavilion Presario 250W ATX Power Supply 5188-2622 Lite-On PS-5251-08 H

Compatible HP Compaq systems:

HP Pavilion Models: a110m a110t a200m a200n a200t a200y a205v a206x a207m a210e a210n a210y a220n a230n a244w a245c a250e a250n a250y a255c a257c a262n a264w a265c a282n a287x a288n a290n a296n a300n a300y a302x a305w a306x a307x a310e a310n a316n a317x a320n a324x a330n a335w a336n a340n a342n a345c a345w a347x a350e a350n a350y a362n a365c a367c a375c a376x a384x a387x a400n a400y a404x a405n a406x a408x a410e a410n a410y a414x a418x a420n a424x a430n a434n a442n a445c a445w a446x a450e a450n a450y a462x a465c a465w a475c a500n a500y a510e a510n a518x a520n a522n a523x a524x a527x a530e a530n a532x a535w a545c a550e a556x a562n a564n a566n a574n a600n a600y a602x a605x a610e a610n a610y a612x a614n a618x a620n a622n a624x a635w a636n a640n a642n a643n a645c a645w a646c a647c a650e a650y a656x

Compaq Presario Models: 6000T 8000T S3000T S3000V S3000Z S4000J S4000T S4000V S4000Z S5000J S5000T S5000V S6000T S6000V S6000Z S6010V S3000NX S3010CL S3030RK S3030US S3040SE S3100NX S3200NX S3300NX S3310CL S3310OM S3500CL S4000NX S4010CL S4010OM S4020WM S4030NX S4040SE S4100NX S4110CL S4120WM S4200NX S4210NX S4214BD S4220NX S4300CL S4300NX S4500NX S5000CL S5008NX S5010NX S5140WM S5020NX S5030NX S5200CL S5314ST S5322CC S5410NX S6000CL S6000NX S6030NX S6100NX S6010NX S6020WM S6104NX S6200CL S6220WM S6300NX S6306RC S6308NX S6500NX S6700CL S6700NX S6900NX S7300CL SR1000T SR1000V SR1000Z SR1010V SR1010NX SR1011NX SR1012NX SR1020NX SR1030NX SR1033WM SR1034NX SR1044BB SR1050NX SR1053WM SR1055CL SR1090NX SR1102BD SR1103WM SR1110NX SR1111NX SR1112BD SR1113NX SR1114NX SR1115CL SR1120NX SR1123WM SR1124NX SR1130NX SR1132CU SR1135CL SR1150NX SR1170NX


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