Genuine OEM Original HP 5188-2625 Bestec ATX-300-12Z Rev:CDR 300W Power Supply


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Genuine OEM Original HP 5188-2625 Bestec ATX-300-12Z Rev:CDR 300W Power Supply

Replacement for:
Bestec models ATX-300-12Z CDR, ATX-300-12Z BC, and ATX-300-12Z CC
HP part numbers 5188-2625, 5188-0131 and 5187-5116.
Bestec ATX-300-12Z CDR HP OEM part.

HP Media Center Models:
m7434n, m7457c, m7463w, m7470n, m7480n, m7531kr, m7540la, m7550kr, m7550la, m7551kr, m7580kr, m7590kr, m7590n, m7591kr, m7630la, m7640la, m7640n, m7650la, m7650n, m7657c, m7667c, m7674n, m7680n, m7684n.

HP Pavilion Models:
a1654n, a1217n, a1253w, a1267c, a1268c, a1300la, a1310y CTO, a1330e CTO, a1350y CTO, a1400y CTO, a1410n, a1410y, a1412n, a1419h, a1420n, a1423w, a1428x, a1430n, a1440n, a1445n, a1450n, a1467c, a1473w, a1477c, a1483w, a1487c, a1500kr, a1500la, a1501kr, a1510n, a1511kr, a1512x, a1514n, a1517x, a1519h, a1520kr, a1520n, a1520y CTO, a1523w, a1524n, a1528x, a1530e CTO, a1530n, a1532n, a1534x, a1540n, a1542n, a1547c, a1550e CTO, a1550kr, a1550y CTO, a1551kr, a1555kr, a1560kr, a1560n, a1570kr, a1571kr, a1580kr, a1587c, a1600la, a1600n, a1610n, a1612n, a1613w, a1619h, a1620e CTO, a1620n, a1620y, a1623w, a1624n, a1626n, a1630n, a1637c, a1640n, a1644x, a1647c, a1648x, a1650e CTO, a1650y, a1657c, a1677c, m7340la, m7350la, w5320la, w5330la, w5340la, w5410la, w5410la, w5510la, w5520la, w5530kr, w5530la, w5610la, w5630la, w5630la.

1x 24 pin ATX Connector
1x ATX12V 4 pin Connector
2x SATA Connector
5x Peripheral (Molex) Connector
1x Floppy Connector

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