Hauppauge WinTV-PVR-150 NTSC/NTSC-J 26582 LF MPEG2 PCI TV Capture Tuner Card


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Hauppauge WinTV-PVR-150 NTSC/NTSC-J 26582 LF MPEG2 PCI TV Capture Tuner Card

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WinTV-PVR-150 Great features :

  • Watch TV on your PC screen using a 125 channel cable ready TV tuner. Surf the net while you watch TV on your PC screen!
  • Record your TV shows to disk using the built-in hardware MPEG-2 encoder. Uses from 1-2 Gigabytes per hour of recorded video. While recording, the WinTV-PVRs’ hardware MPEG encoder does all the work so your PC continues to run at full speed!
  • Pause your live TV shows with instant replay, fast forward and rewind.
  • Composite/S-Video and audio inputs, to connect to VCR or camcorders. Turn your home video tapes into MPEG movies, then burn them onto CD or DVD!
  • dbx-TV stereo decoder, for great TV sound. (Nicam stereo on PAL models)
  • WinTV-Scheduler, so you can schedule your TV recordings on a daily, weekly or once only schedule. With link to TitanTV.com, the on-line electronic program guide.
  • WinTV-Editor, so you can cut and trim your videos without losing video quality!
  • Ulead® DVD MovieFactory 3™ to author and burn DVDs, Video CD’s or S-VCD’s. Play them on your home DVD* player!


  • MPEG2 record datarates:
  • 2MBit/sec, 4MBit/sec, 6Mbit/sec, 8Mbit/sec, 12Mbit/sec.
  • Selections for DVD Standard play (8MBitsec), DVD Long Play (4MBit/sec) and DVD Extra Long Play (2.5MBit/sec)
  • NTSC format* at 29.97fps: Full D1: 720×480, MPEG1: 352×240
  • PAL format* at 25fps: Full D1: 720×576, MPEG1: 352×288
  • Audio capture formats: 32/44.1/48 KHz, 16bit stereo, 192/224/384Kbits/sec
  • Video digitizer: 10 bits
  • Chroma sampling: YUV 4:2:2
  • Four line adaptive comb filter for both NTSC and PAL to remove dot crawl
  • Fast video locking for security camera applications
  • Video file format: .MPG

Ports In

  • FM in
  • TV in
  • S-VIDEO in
  • COMP VID in


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