HP 5188-2888 NV44 Asus NVIDIA GeForce 6200SE NV44SE DDR 64MB PCIe x16 Video Card


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HP 5188-2888 NV44 Asus NVIDIA GeForce 6200SE NV44SE DDR 64MB PCIe x16 VGA/RCA/S-Vide Video Card

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Compatible System: Pavilion A1130E Desktop, A1150Y, A1209KR, A1215UK, A1218UK, A1240A,A1260A, A1309IT, A1309KR, A1310DK, A1311CL, A1315UK, A1318UK, A1319IT, A1329UK, A1330E,A1332CL, A1333CL, A1337CL, A1338UK, A1350A, A1350Y, A1356CN, A1357CL, A1357L, A1359L,A1370A, A1370TW, A1373C, A1376D, A1377D, A1378CL, A1388D, A1409IT, A1412N, A1417IT,A1445N, D4100E, D4100Y, Pavilion Media Center A1329KR, M7100E, M7100Y, M7268HK,M7300E, M7300Y, M7329FR, M7330NO, M7348HK, M7350LA, M7350N, M7357C, M7360N, M7360Y,M7363W, M7366A, M7368HK, M7370NL, M7434N, M7485IT, Pavilion T3232CH, T3245UK,T3260, T3310ES, T3310IT, T3315ES, T3320BE, T3320ES, T3320IT, T3320UK, T3330IT,T3340BE, T3340CH, T3340IT, T3340NL, T3340PT, T3345UK, T3350BE, T3350IT, T3350NL,T3360NL, U1367CL, v1322kr, v1332kr, v1342kr, v1347kr, W5240BE, W5250BE, W5260BE,W5330BE, W5346HK, W5350BE, W5360BE, SR1020Z, SR1030Z, SR1611KR, SR1617NL, SR1619UK,SR1627NL, SR1637NL, SR1639UK, SR1649NL, SR1650KR, SR1670KR, SR1700Z, SR1705UK,SR1711KR, SR1717KR, SR1719IT, SR1728AP, SR1729IT,SR1729UK, SR1730T, SR1730Z,SR1737NL, SR1739IT, SR1739NL, SR1739UK, SR1740TW, SR1748CF, SR1749IT, SR1750UK,SR1759IT, SR1769IT, SR1770KR, SR1779IT, SR1783CF, SR1789IT, SR1799ES, SR1799IT

General Features
• Powered by NVIDIA GeForce 6200 with TurboCache (NV44SE)
• 64 MB on board memory
• Supports 128 and 256 MB TurboCache configurations
• PCI-Express x16 interface
• Supports NVIDIA CineFX 3.0
• NVIDIA PureVideo
• Supports Microsoft DirectX 9.0c
• DirectX Shader Model 3.0
• 400 MHz RAMDAC
• NVIDIA Unified Driver Architecture (UDA)

• RCA Output, S-Video Output, VGA D-Sub Output


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