Lot of 3 HP 72.8GB 73GB 15K ULTRA320 SCSI Hot Plug Hard Drive BF07285A36 + Trays


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Lot of 3 HP 72.8GB 73GB 15K ULTRA320 SCSI Hot Plug Hard Drive BF07285A36 + Trays

Compatible with HP/Compaq Proliant servers CL-1850, BL20p G2, BL20p G3, BL25p, BL40p, BL45p, BL60p, DL360 G3, DL360 G4, DL380 G3, DL380 G4, DL560, DL580 G2, DL580 G3, DL585, DL740, DL760 G2, ML310 G2, ML310 G3, ML330 G3, ML350 G3, ML350 G4, ML350 G4p, ML370 G3, ML370 G4, ML570 G2, ML570 G3, ML-750, PL-8000, PL-8500, 1600, 1850, 3000, 5500, 8000, 8500 Model Servers. In addition to 4100, 4300, 4314R, 4314T, 4354R SCSI RAID Arrays.

• Model Number(s): BF07284961, BF07285A36, BF072863B6, BF072863BA, BF0728683C, BF07287B55, BF07288285, BF07288576, BF07289BC4, BF0728A4B2, BF0728A4B2, BF0728A4BA, BF0728A4CB, BF0728A4CB, BF0728B26A, BF0729A523

Part/Assembly Number(s): 286774-006, 306641-003, 306645-003, 321499-002, 321499-005, 321499-005, 356914-002, 356914-008, 360209-004, 360209-010, 360209-010, 360209-013, 365699-002, 365699-008, 412751-014, 443188-001 Option/Retail Part Number: 286778-B22

Spare Number(s): 289243-001, 404713-001 2-5-2

Number/DPN: FE-23441-01 GPN: 271837-014, 271837-018, 375476-001, 404670-007

Brand: HP Proliant
Model: BF07285A36
Hard Drive Capacity: 72.8GB
Generation: Ultra320
Data Transfer Rate: 320 MB/sec
Rotational Speed: 15,000 rpm
Form Factor (Drive): 3.5-inch low profile
Interface: Wide Ultra 320 SCSI; LVD
Data Storage Device Type: SAS (Server Attached Storage) device
Hard Drive Device Type: Hard drive for server/storage unit (Hot-plug)
Pin Configuration: 80 pin Hot Swappable/ Pluggable
Hotswap Tray: Included (Attached)
Backward Compatability: U2 and U3 speeds


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